Jaime's Most Popular Presentation Topics and their Descriptions


"Celebrating Christ... Celebrating Life"

John 16:33 says... "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you have tribulation. But take courage! I have overcome the world."  In this one-night retreat Jaime reminds us that life is a precious gift. It's when we choose to use that gift for God that we find tru joy, happiness and peace. Surrendering to God and His will for our lives and surrounded by a community of believers, we walk this road together trusting things will work out according to God's will. (this is a general presentation that covers many different themes and encourages intentional discipleship).


"Journeying in Grace" (Includes Jaime's journey to the Catholic Faith - Her conversion story)

Everyone is on a journey. All of us will experience similar struggles and yet each of us has a journey that is unique.  Scripture reminds us that "Jesus is the way the truth and the life". However, not all of us take the most direct route. And, some of us have difficulty even reading the map. Never the less, we can all learn from each others successes and failures and can all come to a place where we can recognize that it is God's grace at work in us that brings us to the truth of his Son. In this one-night retreat, Jaime uses personal testimony and music to show us some subtle and not so subtle ways that God uses to direct us along the right path. (Jaime's testimony in this retreat includes her music ministry, her journey into the Catholic Faith, Pro-choice to Pro-life conversion, family struggles and addictions. Some of the topics are more adult in nature but still suitable for most ages.)


"Love's Work Is Never Done. Beyond the Walls of the Church"

The prisoner... the immigrant... the sick... the unborn... who will be Christ to them? Charity finds it's fulfillment when it is carried beyond the walls of the church. Jesus does not mince words "whatever you have done for the least of these brothers you have done to me."  Jaime's true heart shines brightly in this presentation that focuses on her greatest passion: Acts of mercy for the marginalized.  In this one-night retreat, Jaime confronts the listener with the inconvenient obligation of every Christian to be the hands and feet of Christ. You will be challenged, you will be convicted, you will laugh, and you will cry as Jaime uses scripture, church teaching, personal testimony and her most powerful songs to drive home the message that 'Love's Work Is Never Done'.


"Beauty and Hope in Suffering" (a beautiful Lenten presentation)

Pope Francis said, "If you are going to wear a cross around your neck, don't complain about the one on your back."  Suffering, perseverance, hope, and salvation are all themes included in this powerful Lenten on-night retreat. 'Suffering can be beautiful' and 'Prayer is powerful' are two things the audience will not forget after this unique presentation. Jaime takes us on an emotional journey using music, personal testimony and scripture to bring us deeper into the spirit of lent that is only complete with Easter hope. 


"The Joy of Christmas" (offered during Advent and Christmas time)

Since the very first Christmas, family has been at the center of this celebration. This can make it the "most wonderful time of the year", or the "most chaotic time of the year". But Christmas will always be magical and full of joy for children (of ALL ages) who remember that the reason for this celebration is God's greatest gift, his only Son, Jesus Christ.  In this one-night retreat, only available during Advent, Jaime focuses on family, celebration, generosity, and the timeless gospel message to prepare listeners for the coming of Christ. (this presentation contains traditional and non-traditional Advent and Christmas music from Jaime's new Christmas Album as well as stories from scripture and personal testimony.)



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